>>>> Q.: Which of the following is a black box design technique? ... 4. which of the following statements is not true. Amount of testing performed by a set of test cases is called Test Coverage.By amount of testing we mean that what parts of the application program are exercised … Que.7. Test Coverage is an important part in Software testing and Software maintenance and it is the measure of the effectiveness of the testing by providing data on different items.. What is Test Coverage in Software Testing? size of a software? Que.4. The ‘v’ represent the following term: A. Verification and validation B. Static testing and Dynamic testing C. Black box testing and white box testing D. Software development process and software testing … False Right Answer: B Que.2. True B. Exit criteria in test plan mentions. Describe the process of software testing, and 4. This online software testing quiz is for the Software testers who face a common problem during quick-fire questions/answers rounds. Software Testing Services. Work Products in Testing. The number of defects in a particular software is given by which metric, Que.20. ... A. After completing this lesson, you will be able to: 1. This SCM online test is useful for beginners, experienced candidates preparing for job interview and university exams. False Right Answer: A Que.2. It is usually conducted by the testing team. 15. Hello, i need some understanding please. What is the purpose of